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Oxylator EMX & HD
Emergency Ventilation-Resuscitation Device
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Resuscitation Device Safely Used on Patient with COVID-19

Oxylator Emergency Ventilation - Resuscitation Device


Oxylators are small, portable ventilation-resuscitation devices that run on compressed oxygen or air and do not require electricity. Oxygen, air, or a combination thereof is delivered through a pressure- and flow-sensing system to provide optimum airway management during emergencies and attended short-term ventilation.   

"Oxylators can serve a variety of roles in the hospital and pre-hospital setting," said James DuCanto, M.D. -- Anesthesiologist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. "These devices can provide acute resuscitation or ongoing ventilatory support during a surge capacity ventilation occurrence. This technology has helped thousands of patients in the USA, Europe, and Asia and has served in theaters of war."

Oxylators are available to hospitals and emergency medical service providers. They are not sold directly to patients or individuals.

Oxylator EMX and Oxylator HD are manufactured exclusively by CPR Medical, Inc. (Toronto, Canada). PMT Partners  is the official U.S. distributor of Oxylator products.

For more information, call +1-954-457-2450 or visit

Oxylator Overview
Oxylator Instructions
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Simulated Mass Casualty Video
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Resuscitation Device Safely Used on Patient with COVID-19

PMT Partners announced today the Oxylator -- a small, compact, patient-responsive portable resuscitation-ventilation device -- was safely used to treat a patient with COVID-19 pneumonia in the intensive care unit...

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